About Us

About Us

India' Foremost Trailer Manufacturer

For over thirty years, Cheema Boilers Limited has built a distinguished reputation through the production of top tier boilers and associated products, serving a global clientele and maximizing its international presence.

Introducing our latest innovation, The Cheema Trailer. CBL now offers and extensive selection of high performance trailers to meet diverse needs. These trailers set themselves apart with innovative designs driven by practical insights and customer requirements. Collaborating closely with both established component and System Suppliers and emerging transporters. With its extensive expertise and unwavering commitment to quality and product reliability. Cheema Trailer has emerged as one India’s Foremost manufacturers of Trailers.

It has all the required approvals in place for manufacturing state of the art trailers as per GOI’s CMVR requirements,

Why Cheema Trailers

Highly Reliable Axles & Enhanced Suspension

Designed for enhanced reliability on rough terrains and increased payload capacity from world class suppliers like YORK Transport Equipment (IND) Pvt Ltd.

High Grade Steel (E350/E250)

Reducing Trailer Weight to accommodate heavier payloads, utilizing top-tier steel for durability.

Saw Welding

Our saw welding services utilize high-grade steel from renowned suppliers ensuring enhanced durability and increased payload capacity for your trailers.

Shot Blasting

Ensuring superior paint quality and prolonged trailer lifespan.

ABS/LSV Brake System

Adjusts braking pressure for loaded and unloaded conditions, promoting longer tire life and fuel efficiency from reputed suppliers like Wabco India.

Why Cheema Trailers Stand Out


State of the Art Facilities

We Follow Best Practices

Cutting Edge Software such as Solid Works & Auto CAD utilized to meticulously analyze structures, ensuring optimal design configurations. Meanwhile, out team of design engineers remains perpetually engaged in the development of novel products tailored to diverse applications